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UTK Training Programs on Stress Management / Work - Life Balance

Ty's Untie the Knots® Training Systems programs teaches professionals - on all levels - to sharpen skills and improve performance. In his twenty plus years as a skilled dynamic and engaging lead professional development trainer, he has competently worked with and trained groups as small as 4 - 19 people, 20 - 400 people, and 500 - 3,000 people. Continue scrolling down the page to learn how the Untie the Knots® Training Systems' professional development training programs can deliver measurable and lasting results to you, your teams and organization.

Ty's dynamic and energizing training program sessions can go from 40 minutes up to 2 hours long, Half-Day (up to 3 hours), Full-Day (up to 7 hours), and Multiple Days (from 2 to 5 days).




1) Tying Into A Better YOUTM

A dynamically fun and energizing general session that emphasizes the necessary importance of taking Better Care of SELF! This is a session packed with practical strategies to creating a life of better health, work-life balance, productivity, attitude, achievement, and harmony; presented in an upbeat program filled with clean fun, continuous audience participation, and ends with everyone dancing to music with Ty. Coupled with a visualization exercise and practical strategies on how to alleviate stress for improved health, and a self-assessment tool to help participants re-capture their passion for the work they do daily. Guaranteed to have all participants walking-away inspired, feeling good, taking better care of themselves, and striving to create and live a Green & Growing Lifestyle!

* This is the ultimate "Work/Life Balance," "Stress Management,"
"Personal Improvement" and "Performance Improvement"
training session—all wrapped into one.



2) Stress-Free Relationships: How to Work Harmoniously with Any Personality

If you were asked to think of a coworker who is difficult and at times horrible to work with, you probably wouldn't have to think for very long. Working with people has its benefits but coworkers with negative attitudes and toxic personalities can make collaboration, productivity, and the effort to get meaningful and passionate work done—very challenging and stressful.

Stress-Free Relationships: How to Work Harmoniously with Any Personality is a dynamic, interactive, eye-opening, no-holds barred, yet, fun, and growing training session that is a must for anyone who has to work with difficult and sometimes toxic people. You will gain a better understanding of challenging personality types, ways to manage your own emotions, and practical strategies that will have you working harmoniously with any personality while remaining positive, even keel, and happy.

Don't be helpless and miserable when faced with having to work with difficult behaviors at work! Be Stress-Free, and properly prepared to smile, work-with, work-through, manage your own emotions, and stay harmoniously productive, each day.



3) Achieving Balance and Harmony at Work and in Life

Everyone is seeking and talking about finding balance in their lives and their work—but you need to make the necessary changes and take action to make it actually happen! This session shares new tools, proven techniques, humor, engaging fun, music, and the necessary skills to get you organized so you can make the most of your work and life time with better balance.

The secret to productivity (without anxiety) lies in defining priorities and organizing your day, managing your time effectively and increasing how effective you are at completing each task. Mastering these skills will help you distinguish “hard” work from “smart” work and allow you to handle all your responsibilities like a person who is in better control of your life. Whether you find yourself with a case of “being busy - being busy, all the time,” are guilty of killing your own productivity with procrastination, poor planning and personal disorganization or need some tools for handling a seemingly endless string of interruptions, this popular session was created to make you better organized, less stressed, add fun back to your work and life, re-ignite your passion for work and life, and help you get more out of your day.




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