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UTK Training Programs on Change Management

Ty's Untie the Knots® Training Systems programs teaches professionals - on all levels - to sharpen skills and improve performance. In his twenty plus years as a skilled dynamic and engaging lead professional development trainer, he has competently worked with and trained groups as small as 4 - 19 people, 20 - 400 people, and 500 - 3,000 people. Continue scrolling down the page to learn how the Untie the Knots® Training Systems' professional development training programs can deliver measurable and lasting results to you, your teams and organization.

Ty's dynamic and energizing training program sessions can go from 40 minutes up to 2 hours long, Half-Day (up to 3 hours), Full-Day (up to 7 hours), and Multiple Days (from 2 to 5 days).




1) Untie the Knots®: A Prescription for C.H.A.N.G.E.
         (7 Strategies to Help Anyone Better Understand and Feel Good About Change)

Organizations stagnate if they do not change in response to changing marketplaces, new technologies, and evolving customer and workforce expectations. Leaders must be flexible and agile in the face of change. Leaders must adapt to change, manage others through it, and be champions of change themselves. This session will provide your executives, and mid- to upper-level managers with a fresh practical road map of how to adapt to and lead change within your organization. It's designed to put them on a path to identifying and untying the toxic knots of change that are on there way to your organization before change takes place, or already plaguing and troubling your organization after change has been implemented.

This training program focuses on the challenges of leading in a changing world, exploring:

  • The dynamics of change and reasons for resistance
  • How to help your team succeed in the face of change
  • Strategies for influencing others to support new initiatives
  • How to be an initiator of change, rather than a reactor
  • How to engage a team’s energy, motivation, and creativity






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