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UTK Training Programs for Sales Professionals

Ty's Untie the Knots® Training Systems programs teaches professionals - on all levels - to sharpen skills and improve performance. In his twenty plus years as a skilled dynamic and engaging lead professional development trainer, he has competently worked with and trained groups as small as 4 - 19 people, 20 - 400 people, and 500 - 3,000 people. Continue scrolling down the page to learn how the Untie the Knots® Training Systems' professional development training programs can deliver measurable and lasting results to you, your teams and organization.

Ty's dynamic and energizing training program sessions can go from 40 minutes up to 2 hours long, Half-Day (up to 3 hours), Full-Day (up to 7 hours), and Multiple Days (from 2 to 5 days).




1) Untie the Knots® of Sales
       (Motivating Your Sales Team to Increase Qualified Leads and Customers)

Do you know a sales professional who is tied-up and producing stagnate results due to their inability to: 1) overcome today’s 'it's a tough economy' objections, 2) effectively negotiate contracts, 3) sell value over just giving price quotes, or 4) close more sales?

A salesperson or sales team tied-up in knots becomes a salesperson or sales team destined to fail / struggle in one or several areas of the sales process; in turn, producing dismal sales results or "good enough to get by" profits.

Even in a tough economy every sales professional can be inspired, equipped, motivated and empowered with up-to-date sales strategies that will keep your company’s sales and profits soaring continuously. Untie the Knots®: Motivating Your Sales Team to Increase Qualified Leads and Customers is an energizing training session that addresses the countless KNOTS (challenges, obstacles, objections, distractions, and toxic habits) that prevent many sales professionals from consistently performing at their peak daily in today's tough economy. This no holds barred, innovated session will bring to your sales professionals inspiration, motivation and practical cutting-edge strategies to use to immediately overcome many of today's objections, win at effective negotiation, sell value over just giving price quotes, get more orders, and close more sales.



2) Untie the Knots®
       (Efficient Time Management Solutions for Sales Professionals - On All Levels)

How many salespeople (and sales managers) are not realizing their full potential? What stands in the way to greater sales and more commission dollars is not something they do not have but something they do not do consistently and efficiently; time management. Successful sales professionals manage both their “money hours” and "selling time" well while average sellers do not. In the past few years, sales professionals have worked harder and longer than ever before. They have become challenged with the amount of information coming at them, with the changing expectations of their companies, and with the growing sophisticated demands of their customers.

Untie the Knots®: Efficient Time Management Solutions for Sales Professionals is a dynamic, engaging, and eye-opening session that will teach your sales team efficient time management strategies from a new perspective; how to efficiently utilize their time available for higher income producing activities; and how to take maximum advantage of the number of business sales days and face-to-face selling opportunities they create—to begin making more sales and more commission dollars immediately.



3) Sales — Live It! Love It! Make Lots of Commission Dollars From It!
       (The Perfect Motivational Energizer for Sales Cycle Kickoffs, Mid-Cycle BOOSTER or End of Cycle Wrap-Up)

Selling has never been easy. Today, it's tougher than ever. Budgets are tight, the competition is fierce, and the decision too often seems to come down to price. Despite the difficulties, some reps consistently get the leads, make the calls, and close the deals. They aren't worried about whether they'll make their sales quotas. That's guaranteed. This dynamic, high-energy session is designed to explain and teach new, struggling and peak performing sales professionals the techniques, approaches, and skills that separate the top 5% of sales reps from the pack. Sales professionals walk away from this session with everything they need to take their individual sales targets (sales quotas) to the next level and reap the returns they always hoped a sales career could provide. If you're tired of seeing your sales professionals struggle through cold calls with little success, if they spend too much time on accounts that go nowhere, or if you wish they could close more deals faster—bring Ty in to present NOW. You, your company, sales professionals, sales goals, and bottom line will be glad you did!




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