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UTK Training Systems Programs to Train the Trainer

Ty's Untie the Knots® Training Systems programs teaches professionals - on all levels - to sharpen skills and improve performance. In his twenty plus years as a skilled dynamic and engaging lead professional development trainer, he has competently worked with and trained groups as small as 4 - 19 people, 20 - 400 people, and 500 - 3,000 people. Continue scrolling down the page to learn how the Untie the Knots® Training Systems' professional development training programs can deliver measurable and lasting results to you, your teams and organization.

Ty's dynamic and energizing training program to Train the Trainer can go from a Half-Day (up to 3 hours), Full-Day (up to 7 hours), and Multiple Days (from 2 to 5 days).




1) Tying Into Train the Trainer Success
         (The Active Learning and Engaging Art of Successful Training)

What makes a training course successful? What is the secret to conducting an effective and memorable training session? What makes an awesome trainer? Why some training courses are dynamic, motivating and  educational while others are boring and forgettable?

Whether you are teaching soft skills, management, sales, safety, technical courses, professional development, social workers, health care professionals or educational professionals, you can benefit from this intensive, fun, engaging and empowering train the trainer training session. The strategies and techniques taught throughout are applicable to teach any topic.

Tying Into Train the Trainer Success provides you with a dynamic, comprehensive, engaging and fun set of guidelines on all aspects of training. The methodologies, scenarios and exercises presented in this session will ensure that you, as a trainer, are equipped with all the tools and skills needed to create curriculum, practice and deliver a successful training course. At Ty Howard Seminars, we specialize in supporting our clients and the training community with our state-of-the-art training materials. For over 21 years, Ty Howard and his Certified Train the Trainer Trainers have delivered numerous courses and have received extensive feedback from trainers who have used our his strategies and products all over the world. He knows what makes a training course successful and what makes one fail. In this session, Ty shares his most treasured findings and experiences with you. You will become the best trainer you can be and in turn, successfully train as many people as possible for your organization or business.




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