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Ty's commitment and follow through will make his keynote or breakout presentation a huge success at your meeting or event. He always does his homework to understand your philosophy and specific needs. Then he uses his skills and knowledge to incorporate your points into his presentation while energizing, engaging, teaching, inspiring and having fun with your meeting participants from beginning to end.

Ty's dynamic and energizing keynote, plenary or general session presentations can be 20 or up-to 90 minutes long; his breakout sessions can be 50 minutes or up-to 2 hours long.




1) Excelling in Leadership
         (7 Steps to Successful Leadership)

For executives and managers who are seeking strong leadership skills to help them motivate and inspire others.

Are you an executive or manager who lost some of your best talent? Or are you an executive or manager who struggles to boost your employee engagement, inspire loyalty, improve productivity,  and prevent employees from walking out the door?

According to a recent, preliminary report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2.5 million American workers willingly left their positions. Why are so many employees willing to leave their employers? Are they leaving because of their leaders? By improving your management and leadership style, you will be able to keep your top talent, and inspire and elevate the others to consistently peak perform. Yes, you can change how they feel about YOU, the executive or manager. Small steps and improvement can make a big difference in how employees feel about their leader.

In this dynamic, interactive and inspiring keynote session, Ty Howard skillfully takes leaders on a journey of what it takes to go from just wearing the title of a leader to actually excelling in leadership. Excelling in Leadership addresses many of the challenges leaders face and have to overcome daily in order to be an effective and successful leader. By inspiring executives and managers to build on their existing strengths, Ty will also encourage them to embrace and practice excelling leadership skills, such as empowering team members, holding people accountable, inspirational communication, ethical leadership, and how to collaboratively and cohesively problem solving.

This is the right keynote presentation to wake up, engage, inspire, and charge-up leaders on all levels for what your organization has to offer and teach them. This is where your leaders discover how great leaders take extra steps to ensure their work environments are open, trusting, innovative and productive. As a result, your employees will respond positively.



2) Leading with Confidence, Integrity, and By ExampleTM
         (Becoming A Leader People Want to Follow)

Leadership is a critical skill that every professional should possess to be successful in today's work environment. Developing into an "Influential and Effective Leader" goes beyond traditional assessments of your qualities and application of those results. In this empowering, high-energy and interactive keynote session, Ty uses personal anecdotes, motivation, inspiration, research on top leaders, humor, and fun to awaken the spirit of confidence, ethical leadership, and leading by example.

Leading with Confidence, Integrity and By ExampleTM builds on insights that will help you uncover your mind-set, develop the passion you possess toward leadership, and consequently empower you to influence and empower others to continuously perform at their peak. This session will teach you empowerment skills you can apply to enhance your leadership skills. Recognizing who you are as a person is only the first step to developing into an influential and effective leader. This session is THE next step in your leadership development journey.



3) Acknowledging and Feeling THE Value, Challenge, Love, and Rewards to Lead
         (Harnessing THE Power Mindfulness: Clarity, Authenticity, Effectiveness and Self-Appreciation)

For leaders, directors, managers and those in leadership who want to harness mindfulness and achieve greater leadership excellence.

"You must look within for value, but look beyond for perspective." ~ Denis Waitley

As a leader, how can you stay focused on what’s important when there are so many demands for your immediate attention? Ever-changing workplace conditions, being forced to do more with less, trying to retain good talent, new technologies and business systems, new policies and procedures, trying to keep attitudes positive and morale high, and “emergencies” of all kinds can stagnate your ability to think with clarity and lead effectively. Getting to greater leadership excellence requires a different mindset and a skilled ability to look within.

This is where Acknowledging and Feeling THE Value, Challenge, Love, and Rewards to Lead comes in. Practicing mindfulness helps you to tune in to what’s here and now, to be more present, awake and aware so you can access greater creativity, learning, understanding, focus, satisfaction, good intentions, and personal growth. In this keynote session your leaders will learn how to sharpen success habits that can help them begin to rewire their leadership mindset and behaviors as they acknowledge and feel the value, challenge, love, and rewards to lead. Also, as they inspire engagement, trust, authenticity and productivity in those around them.Just think of how that could impact your teams, your departments, and even your organization!  



4) Managing, Inspiring and Effectively Coaching Difficult Employees
         (Winning Strategies to Confidently Managing the Unmanageable)

For directors, managers, supervisors, team leaders and anyone who manages or directs others.

One of the toughest parts of a manager's job is dealing with and turning around problem employees. Whether it’s passive/aggressive direct reports or conflict resulting from generational or cultural differences, the issues are complex and filled with emotion. The solutions are not always found in “Management or Leadership 101" —but in Managing, Inspiring and Effectively Coaching Difficult Employees led by Ty Howard, you will gain skills and practical strategies for resolving situations and keeping problem employees from getting out of hand. You will also learn how to work through your toughest situations with the help of guided role plays, non-offensive employee engagement strategies, motivate over-taxed and “burned out” employees, protect yourself and your company, and effectively coach your problem employees to a sustainable positive turn around.




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