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Ty's Keynotes for Appreciation and Recognition Events

Ty Howard also provides clean, dynamic, engaging, fun, and entertaining keynotes that are just 10 - 45 minutes long, for your annual appreciation event, recognition event, or any other business function. These short - positive high-energy - keynotes are for small, medium or large size formal or relaxed dressed audiences.

Ty's performance is guaranteed to be a positive highlight of your event with original humor and fun perspectives about YOUR people, YOUR industry, YOUR products, YOUR services, while showing How EVERYONE Makes THE Difference.

Ty presents the most current, relevant, and clean humor for your group's specific industry or place of employment. He will also include any theme, message, or initiative that your group is embracing (or resisting!). He also uses pre-program research which places little or no burden on your staff or event committee members. Ty conducts one or two efficient telephone interviews that usually take care of everything he needs to create his dynamic, customized, and entertaining keynote performance.

Your group will be incredibly impressed when they realize that you had your keynote presentation 'created' just for them. In addition to Ty's performance, he can also serve as Emcee for your event. He can and will break his program into smaller segments, and sprinkle them throughout your agenda. And he can even do "Instant Fun Summaries" of any speakers that go on before him, if you so desire.

Ty's Most Requested Entertaining and Fun Keynote Programs

(Keynotes that are 10 - 45 minutes long.)

  1. You Make THE Difference!
  2. Untie the Knots®: How to Joyfully Ride the Waves of C.H.A.N.G.E.
  3. Funny Perspectives, Cartwheels, and Laughs Over Work and Life
  4. Let's Get 'LOL' Over What It Takes to Lead with Resilience and a Smile
  5. Time Flies, And You're THE 'Happy-Go-Lucky' Pilot ... (What Time Management Looks Like for You, Today)
  6. ALL ABOARD! The Power of a Positive Attitude
  7. Untie the Knots® So You Can Let Go and Unwind ... (Live, Learn, Laugh, and Love—MORE) 
  8. How to Build a Better, More Thriving, Outcomes-Based Small Business
  9. Fun and Engaging Ways to Improve Morale and Social Engagement at Work
  10. Quick Tips to Increase Your Engagement and Business Sales Online - (for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs)
  11. Acknowledging THE Value and Feeling THE Love in What We Do

*With over 20 very successful and dynamic years as a professional keynote speaker, Ty Howard can also create a themed titled 'entertaining' keynote presentation for your group, completely from scratch. Just book him for your event, request this specific service, provide Ty with your group's themed title, and he will go from there. 

Reminder: The above 10 - 45 minutes long keynotes are a great fit for -

    • Appreciation Events or Dinners
    • Vendor Appreciation Events
    • Recognition Events or Dinners
    • Vendor Recognition Events
    • Banquette Events
    • Small, Medium or Large Audiences
    • and any other business function

Call to schedule Ty Howard as your guest Entertaining and Fun keynote speaker for your group's upcoming appreciation or recognition event, TODAY. Phone: (443) 982-7582. Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM - 6:30 PM


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