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PRESS RELEASE: March 19, 2007

Untie the KnotsTM  That Tie Up Your Life
A Practical Guide to Freeing Yourself From Toxic
Habits, Choices, People, and Relationships

By Ty Howard
Knots Free Publishing Paperback
Publication date: March 31, 2007
$19.95 FPT / 416 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9724040-0-6

Contact: Knots Free Publishing Paperback PR Division
Phone: (410) 737-6839
Email: kfpublishing at tyhoward.com

Untie the KnotsTM  That Tie Up Your Life
A Practical Guide to Freeing Yourself From Toxic
Habits, Choices, People, and Relationships

Ty Howard, a.k.a. Mr. Untie the Knots, is an internationally respected authority on self- and business-development. He is a habits intervention specialist, relationship expert, teacher, professional development consultant, and author who has dedicated his life to teaching knots-free living and relationship-building to organizations, individuals, and families around the world. His business acumen and easy-to-follow-and-apply strategies have propelled top organizations to frequently seek his counsel and advice. His admirable communication skills have helped him become one of America's most popular professional speakers on the circuit today. Ty’s solid research and practical strategies background have made him a trusted source for professional and personal development guidance on five continents.

Now, for the first time, Ty Howard tells his own story in Untie the KnotsTM  That Tie Up Your Life: A Practical Guide to Freeing Yourself From Toxic Habits, Choices, People, and Relationships (Knots Free Publishing; March 31, 2007; $19.95), by Ty Howard. It is an empowering, engaging account of Howard’s resilient journey throughout life, his perseverance when tied up and breaking free of toxic knots, and the perspectives and lessons he learned along the way.

The Early Years

At the age of two, Ty was ripped out of his mother’s home and placed in foster care at the Saint Vincent’s Center (Associated Catholic Charities, Inc.) in Baltimore, Maryland, by the Baltimore City Child Protective Services. After five years in foster care, Ty was granted permission by the State of Maryland to return home to once again live with his biological mother and siblings.

As the next to the youngest of four children, Ty was raised in a low-income neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland known as Cherry Hill, by his mother, a single parent and cook, Theresa. “If I have any success coaching style, a way of getting the best out of people,” says Ty, “I owe it to my mother. She was the most influential person in my life. Theresa Howard taught me the value of determination, just as she taught me the pleasure of succeeding and the need to take defeat in stride.”

Theresa Howard poured equal measures of love and self-confidence into young Ty Howard, expecting top performance in academics and in sports. He excelled at both, despite his constant setbacks due to behavior problems (toxic knots) of anger and resentment in which he felt at the time were the results of being in foster care and having an absentee father. In the tough and crime plagued neighborhood in which he was raised, Ty learned many of life’s lessons.

And, it was one of the community’s pee-wee league football teams that began his life-long love affair with football. In order to try out and play on any football team, Ty’s mother demanded continuous good grades and behavior year-round. This required standards kept Ty off the streets and out of trouble, most of the time.

By the time Ty graduated from Southern High School in Baltimore City, he was a teenage father of young daughter. Ty elected to enlist in the United States Navy with the hope to find a better sense of direction, needed structure, and discipline for his life.

The U.S. Navy Years

In 1989, Howard entered the U.S. Navy as an E-3 (undesignated seaman), where he was one of the top junior enlisted sailors aboard the USS Tarawa (LHA 1), a United States Navy amphibious assault ship, the lead ship of her class. While in the Navy he earned such honors a Seaman of the Month, Junior Sailor of the Year, the Navy Achievement Medal, Joint Meritorious Unit Award, Good Conduct Medal, and a Letter of Commendation from the Naval Inspector General (a Three Star Admiral in the United States Navy). In 1997, Yeoman Second Class Howard honorably separated from the U.S. Navy after 10 years of dedicated service to head for Corporate America.

The Corporate America Years

Howard’s path from Senior Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Human Resources to Human Resources Generalist to Executive Office Manager to Corporate Training and Development Manager to Outside Sales Account Manager to Lead Corporate Sales Trainer was not always an easy climb. During his determined climb in Corporate America, Ty worked in the corporate offices of Sweetheart Cup Company, Inc. and Yellow Book USA.

Despite the critics, in 1999 Howard decided to leave his $60,000.00 a year sales trainer position to pursue his passion of motivating people on all levels and in all areas of life.

The Rise to the Top

In January 2000, Howard assumed the helm of InspiraGen Institute, Inc. (IGI) and it was here his legacy would begin. On a shoe-string budget and a resilient passion to speak to and inspire people to perform at their optimal best, Howard began to build his personal and professional development company. First, he adopted a strategy that he must be #1 or #2 in his target markets, in his memorable phrase, he would embrace the concept “I May Be Delayed, But I’m RARELY Denied.” Within five years, Ty Howard had become an in-demand motivator in the Fortune 500 companies market, association market, government market, college market, high school market, and youth development market. The rapid success and echo of his “Untie the Knots Philosophy” earned him the flattering moniker “Mr. Untie the Knots.”

Buoyed by his early successes, Howard next moved ahead with transforming and growing InspiraGen Institute, Inc. IGI created multiple sub-businesses within it’s corporate structure: the Baltimore Worldwide Speakers Bureau – a division that promotes and schedule 400 to 500 other professional speakers and trainer for a fee; Ty Howard Seminars – a training and development division that teaches participants how to improve and sharpen their public speaking and presentation skills; TyHoward.com – a site for corporations and associations to learn more about Ty and schedule him for speaking engagements; DynamicCollegespeaker.com – a site for colleges and universities to learn more about Ty and schedule him for speaking engagements; and DynamicYouthSpeaker.com – a site for middle schools, high schools, and youth groups to learn more about Ty and schedule him for speaking engagements. “My continuous success as a motivational speaker has nothing to do with me, Ty Howard. My ultimate goal is to leave the part of the world that I’m privileged to influence and impact in a more positive, healthier and better state,” says Ty.

The Business of Being CEO

As one of America's most dynamic professional motivational speakers; successful entrepreneur and business leader; soon to be bestselling author; contagious enthusiastic personality; responsible and accountable father; positive role model, success coach and mentor; and community humanitarian and philanthropist, CEO Ty Howard isn’t going to stop anytime soon with his efforts to provide empowerment, motivation and support to the needed people, communities and companies across the nation.

Ty Howard is the founder and sole contributor of the Ty Howard College Scholarship Program, where he and InspiraGen Institute Inc., each year, award five first-generation or disadvantaged college students, scholarships ranging from one $1,000.00 to $2,000.00.

As CEO Howard’s vision is to inspire and empower one nation at a time, one community at a time, one organization at a time, one audience at a time, and one person at a time. “I speak and teach to empower—never to impress. People and companies today do not need a lot of hype, fluff, and feel-good stuff that cannot help them to either improve something in their life or move their life forward. People and companies today are in need of sound practical strategies and solutions that they can use to help them through their challenges,” says Ty Howard.

Lessons Learned

In the last portion of Untie the Knots That Tie Up Your Life, Howard leaving a lasting legacy and creating a life of significance, giving examples of the life adjustments that he’s made which makes him creditable and confident to share his story today. Ranging from “Boldly Standing Up Within to Change and Grow” to “The Nine-Step Untie the Knots Process” to “Identifying and Untying Your Knots” to “Defeating Toxic Habits, Choices, People, and Relationships,” Howard offers up lessons he learned through struggling, stumbling, falling down, picking himself back up, and succeeding throughout life. “A life with fewer knots becomes a significant life with greater potential,” he says. “You can pick and choose among the many lessons. We all have knots in our life that need to be addressed—that would make our life much more empowered if they were to come untied.”

In November 1999, Ty Howard said goodbye to a corporate sales trainer position, and the people within the company, to begin his personal passionate journey of sharing with the world his principles, concepts, and philosophy on how a person or company can successful identify and untie their personal knots of delay. The Untie the Knots book could bring you the freedom to live, freedom to achieve, freedom to love, freedom to progress, freedom to believe, freedom to forgive, freedom to overcome, freedom to break away, freedom to confidently empower and encourage others, and freedom utilize a positive mental attitude every day,” says Keith Harrell, Author of Attitude Is Everything: 10 Life-Changing Steps to Turning Attitude Into Action.

Howard offers these final thoughts:

1. When you learn how to “identify and untie the knots that tie up and delay your life” — that is when you will be able to change your life.

2. You can have success without significance; however, you cannot have significance without success. With one confident decision, refocused vision, unshakable plan, and a bold resilient stand, you can go from living tied up in life to living a significant and prosperous life.

3. The knots of life may test you, leaving your will feeling battered and tried. Don’t Stop! Don’t Quit! Never Give Up! You’ve May Have Been Delayed, But You’re RARELY Denied!

Untie the Knots That Tie Up Your Life brings both the personal and private lives of Ty Howard. By turns hilarious, insightful, and chock full of the knowledge he gained along the way, the book is a brilliant and intimate glimpse into a philosophy and process that is significantly timely.

Ty Howard is one of America’s most popular and in-demand motivational speakers from Baltimore, Maryland. Referred to often as Mr. Untie the Knots due to his astute ability to showing companies, communities, government agencies, educational institutions, youth, young adults, and people around the world how to successful identify and untie their knots of delay so they too can perform, produce and profit at their optimal best.

To learn more about Ty Howard’s business services, products, speaking availability and fees, visit and connect with him on online at www.tyhoward.com or call his business office at (443) 982-7582.

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