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                           by Ty Howard

Face And Move Through Your F.E.A.R.

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"The advantage of our emotions is that they often lead us astray."   ~ Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde was 100% correct with his statement.

Our  FEARS  are often:

    F alse
    E motions
    A cting
    R eckless

I'm reminded of the little boy who was on a camping trip with his family one weekend. Bright and early one morning he walked outside of his tent to the edge of a hill near by and yelled, "Move one step further, and I'll get you!"

A few seconds later the little boy heard the words come back to him in a booming echo, "Move one step further, and I'll get you!"

The little boy turned and ran frantically back to his tent to tell his mother what had happened. His mother, understanding the emotional situation, encouraged him to go back to the edge of the hill and this time yell, "My dreams can and will come true if I step into and through my fears."

A few seconds later a woman's voice came back in a booming echo, "Yeah! And leave him alone because he's my baby!"

The son turned around and enthusiastically embraced his mother while saying, "Thanks mom!"

The truth of the matter is that in life our false reckless emotions can and will stagnate, stifle and even stop us dead in our tracks if we allow them to take advantage over our inner thoughts and beliefs.

I encourage you to listen to your fears and learn from them. Do not live with your fears for prolonged periods. Give your life's energy not to fear, but to your life's purpose, a meaningful cause, dreams and positive possibilities.

Have respect and appreciation for that which can harm you. However, do not spend your life running from your fears or fighting against them.

Rather, spend your time moving boldly forward to accomplishing the things in life that are most important to you. When you put your focus on the actions you can take to reach your goals and dreams, your fears will naturally retreat into insignificance. And your dreams will come abundantly to life.

Make It Your Purpose to Start TODAY!

Face And Move Through Your F.E.A.R.

- End -


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