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                           by Ty Howard

Stop Waiting For Your Internal Panic Alarm To Sound-Off
To Get You Started

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"He that rises late must trot all day." ~ Benjamin Franklin

Do you know someone who sets their alarm clock for a specific time to wake them and get them going; however, when the alarm sounds-off the first time they never move?

Someone who literally hits the snooze button not once... not twice... but three or more times, and still doesn't budge an inch?

Someone who peeps over at the clock after hitting the snooze button several times, realizes they're now running late, jumps up in a panic, and their daily wind-sprint is started?

They're now frantically running through the house yelling, "Where's the iron and the ironing board?! What am I going to wear?! Children... get up! You're running late for school! Is it raining outside?! What's on the news channel this morning?! Move it! Move it! Move it! Everyone up, let's go! We're not going to be late like we were yesterday!"

Guess what, this is how over 90% of the people in society today function on a daily basis. And this is why stress levels, blood pressure levels, and health complication and disease levels are so high in many people today.

Many people find it painfully tedious to take an hour or two toward the end of the day each day to get prepared and situated for tomorrow. This form of self-discipline makes the start of a new day so much easier and peaceful. Yet, unfortunately, these people avoid peace and ease like a copy of "The Best of Eddie Murphy" music CD.

Why are people choosing panic over peace?


Life is full of choices.

You can work to build your future or you can be burdened by it.

You can do what's necessary now (today) or you can continue to function in a state of panic to fast-forward you to the day where you ask the doctor's, "Why the cause of my diagnosed illness?"

President John F. Kennedy said, "The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shinning."

Meaning, you do it now (today) when you're in control. Not when the storm is upon you pushing gallons of water into your home.

Yes, I agree, there are some stressors and diseases we can't control. However, I believe a lot of them we can control through our choice of self-discipline.

Are you building for the future with disciplined effort today?

Or, have you decided to awake to each new day engulfed in the turbulence of life's burdens you've curried over from the day before?

It's your choice, you can create the consequences, or you can suffer the consequences. Whatever you do, the consequences will come.

Doesn't it make sense to put yourself in control of them?

Let's conduct a quick overview of life's needs:

What do we need to survive?

Oxygen / Food / Water / Sleep

Isn't that right?

No where in the above "Needs to Survive List" is the word "panic," "unwanted-stress," or "disease." They're not there because they're not needed for you to survive and live the life you desire.

Consider that later never comes. Now is what you have. Choose to build yourself a brighter future by creating and mastering new behaviors of self-discipline daily. Do your best despite the odds, imperfections, and inconveniences. Fill your time with panic eliminating processes, compelling challenges and focused effort.

And keep in mind the words of George Abe; "Nothing is improbable until it moves into past tense."

Choose a life of PEACE-not panic!

It's time to silence "The Panic Alarm."

- End -


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