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                           by Ty Howard

Why Repeatedly Ask Why?

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Ashleigh Brilliant once asked the question, "Why does life keep teaching me lessons I have no desire to learn?"

That very same question flows continuously through the minds and out of the mouths of several of my friends, colleagues and relatives like poison venom dripping from a pair of fangs.

Kevin, my friend since third grade asked me last week, "Do I live a respectful and integral life?"

I replied, "Yes Kevin, you do."

"Why has life dealt me such an unfair hand, Ty?" he pleaded disgustingly.

"Ty—I got married, never cheated once, but that failed. Busted my butt to put myself in position for a promotion at work, and the company decided to hire from outside. I moved from the state of Maryland to Texas to California, and then back to Maryland hoping to shake or duck the dark clouds of life hovering over me; nonetheless, I still feel imprisoned to the problems that haunt me from day one. Why me?!"

"Why not you, Kevin?" I responded boldly.

It's during the difficult times where true growth and new levels of strength come to us. Spend your life moaning and running from your periods of difficulties, and you will surrender yourself to your own self-made prison.

Rose Kennedy, author and political relative asked, "If birds sing after the storm; why shouldn't people feel free to delight in whatever remains to them?"

You've often heard that what you focus on grows, and indeed this is true. A quick look back over your own experiences will provide ample confirmation of this.

Complaints, anger, excuses, constant moving, despair, being busy and tying together a string of "Why me's?" will not manifest for you new levels of growth or accomplishment. Self-deprecating behavior of this nature will only bring you higher levels of stress, clutter and confusion.

If you expect the day to be dreary and boring, most likely it will. When you expect the day to be productive and fulfilling, you will find yourself working hard, nurturing, persisting and giving power to those expectations.

If you wish to be believed, you will always tell the truth. If you'd like to be wealthy, you will discover a way to create value. If you desire to change the outlook and current condition of your life, you will discipline yourself to take the necessary steps of action.

Why block opportunities to learn and grow stronger by harping on "Why me's?"

Don't be like the man who laid in bed awake all night asking, "Why me?" Then a voice answers, "Nothing personal, your name just happened to come up."


There are going to be days of disappointment, rejection, failure, heartache and setbacks... That's life!

Be thankful not only for the sunny, new, easy, simple, ample, happy and delicious things, but also for the things that may not at first appear to be blessings.

Trust me, they are blessings—don't run from or avoid them. You will unintentionally create longer periods of delay. If you don't believe me, ask the senior who reaches age 65 only to get there pushing a wheelbarrow full of regrets.

You can move with life or live life pushing against it.

The former will bring you growth and prosperity, and the latter will bring you internal decay and regret.

I've taken several difficult blows from life square on my chin, each experience allowed me to connect with the positive aspect of each situation.

If you're going through a difficult period right now, I ask you to assess the situation and to journal (write down) the positive aspects of what you're now experiencing.

Keep in mind, and train yourself to believe that somewhere in each difficult experience there is something positive. Say willfully to yourself, "The song birds will soon sing again." And mean it!

If you make it a learned habit to respect and employ the discipline that you will Accept & Move Beyond Repeatedly Asking Why—life will bend to your every wish.

- End -


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