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Anti Bullying Pledge

    by Ty Howard

The ― I Was Born to Be GREAT Anti-Bullying Pledge

~ Originator and Author: Ty Howard, Anti- Bullying and Hazing Consultant

Copyright © 2012 by Ty Howard.   All rights reserved.

I Was Born to Be GREAT!

And positively uplift my name.
Not by bullying, hazing or hurting anyone,
Or watching others be bullied or made to feel shame.

I Was Born to Be GREAT!

Around me every positive person will feel safe and belong.
I can help change things for the better,
As a caring individual I will stand strong.

I Was Born to Be GREAT!

In my world there are no bullies allowed!
Bullying is bad and it’s the wrong thing to do,
If bullying is your thing―I won’t be friends with you.

I Was Born to Be GREAT!

Today, I proudly STAND to...  To read and enjoy Ty's entire Anti Bullying Pledge...  ( Click Here )


About the Author: Ty Howard,
Mr. Untie the Knots®,
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Ty Howard is an internationally recognized authority on organizational and managerial practices that optimize employee performance and success. He is the creator and lead facilitator of the trademarked "Untie the Knots® Optimal Performance Process," and the author of Untie the Knots®: Improving Habits, Choices, People, Relationships, Performance and Results, as well as dozens of published articles on employee and organizational performance and development worldwide. For information on his programs and services, visit: http://www.tyhoward.com.


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